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Cockroach Cockroaches are the most repulsive of all household pests. Not only do they look disgusting, but they act disgusting. They can contaminate food and transmit disease carrying organisms, including staphylococci, strep, colform molds, salmonella, yeast's and clostridia. They also spread parasites that cause toxoplasmosis, an illness that can causes birth defects if the pregnant women gets infected.
AntsAnts generally become a problem in houses and other buildings when their nests have become disturbed after rain, or conversely, during dry weather to look for water. Poor household hygiene and pet’s bowls also draw them indoors. Outside conditions such as sandy areas, pavers and garden pots also are favorable conditions for ants.
Bed-bugsBed-bugs are usually found in unhygienic conditions inside bedrooms as their name implies. They have a flattened appearance before a blood feed and are about five millimeters long with the look of a rather wide flea, reddish brown in color.

They hide under the buttons and in creases of old mattresses, behind wallpaper, skirting boards and cracks in the floor. They are wingless so they can’t fly or jump like the flea. They are active during the night and have been known to drop from ceilings onto beds.

They can survive without a blood feed for up to a year. Bites can cause welts to appear on the skin with three rows of puncture marks being characteristic. Itchiness and irritation affect some people more than others.

Carpet Beetles
Carpet BeetlesThere are two different species of Carpet Beetle which are fabric pests, the Variegated Carpet Beetle and the Black Carpet Beetle. It is only the larva of these species that feeds on fabrics such as woolen carpets (they do not attack synthetic carpets), fur, silk and feathers etc.

The adults feed on pollen from flowers. Bringing fresh flowers into a building that contains the adult beetles is often the origin of the infestation. boards. The entire carpet area must be fan sprayed with a residual insecticide.

MaggotsMaggots are a larva of winged insects, especially houseflies and blowflies. They are hatched from eggs which are usually laid on rotting meat or faeces. They have a putrid odor and disgust most people. Maggot infestation may often become noticeable after baiting for rodents, or unwrapped meat lying in garbage bins.
RodentsMan creates the ideal environment for rats and mice by providing a constant source of food, water and harborage. Rodent control is necessary and desirable because rodents spread disease either through direct contact or as a vector for another organism.
Silverfish are a fabric pest which can eat non-synthetic clothing such as cotton and wool. They also eat paper (especially glossy paper as found in magazines and book covers) and glue. Silverfish are found in cracks and crevices in and around bookshelves, linen presses and wardrobes.
SpiderAll spiders belong to the class Arachnidan, have eight legs and two body sections; the cephalothoraxes and abdomen. The cephalothoraxes are a combination of a head and thorax found in insects. Palps (sensory organs) and fangs are at the front of the body.
Along with this we also provide Herbal pest control totally based on herbal medicines, Gel treatment for non smelly and non messy treatments.
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